Horse Training Carts
(WW Training Carts. Patent Pending)
  • Four feet wide and five feet long galvaized steel base (Standard Size)
  • 14" radial tires, 2000 pound Axel
  • Double Hydraulics Brake System - for left and right wheel control
  • Removable shafts and Buggy Spring seat for ATV trailer usage (TREX covered seat)
  • Front removable protection rails and line rests
  • Base Price: $1600.00 with Brakes

  • ATV slide in receiver hitch (2") $60.00
  • Double tree hitch system all metal $250.00
  • Rear, light implement slide in hitch $25.00
  • Welded on 2 x 3" square holders for total boxed in frame ATV use $20.00